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How SAAR® Media Helped a Cosmetics Company Generate $700,000 in Revenue and 12.5x Return on Ad Spend Over a 6-Month Period

January 24, 2024 2024-01-24 12:23
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How SAAR® Media Helped a Cosmetics Company Generate $700,000 in Revenue and 12.5x Return on Ad Spend Over a 6-Month Period

How SAAR® Media Helped a Cosmetics Company Generate $700,000 in Revenue and 12.5x Return on Ad Spend Over a 6-Month Period

A case study by SAAR® Media


One of the most common struggles companies face is that they don’t always know if their ads and promotions are actually helping them sell more products.

“Is our advertising really working?” is always the question.

Some attempt to address this by increasing their ad spend by creating more advertising accounts/campaigns, only to find themselves overwhelmed with the simultaneous management of multiple accounts, lacking a system to track their campaign performance.

They become overwhelmed with managing too many different advertising accounts simultaneously. It’s like having too many cooks in the kitchen.

Ultimately, they struggle to figure out which ads are doing well and which aren’t.

This confusion often leads to spending money on a range of ads, but they sometimes make less money in return.

To make things even trickier, their different ads sometimes end up competing against each other. It’s like having two teams on the same soccer field, both trying to score goals.

This competition raises the cost of showing their ads to their potential customers and getting them to convert into paying customers.

Indeed, it’s a frustrating situation..

But with the right strategies, these nuances can easily be rectified.

Implementing the right strategies can eliminate overwhelm, increase online sales and generate a positive return on ad spend (ROAS) for your campaigns.

In this case study, you’ll discover…

How SAAR® Media helped a cosmetics company generate $700,000 in revenue, and 12.5x Return on Ad Spend over a 6-month period.

About the Company

Renowned for its brand, this cosmetics company enjoys popularity in both Australia and the UK, particularly for its flagship eye cream and facial products.

Intending to increase their revenue through marketing, they manage numerous ad accounts to cover a global market.

However, their primary challenge was to know if their marketing efforts were working.

Their Ad accounts were yielding disparate outcomes. They didn’t know what campaigns were successful and what needed improvement.

It became hard for them to figure out how well their ads were doing because they were trying to handle too many different accounts simultaneously.

Because they needed to fully understand how well their ads were working, they spent a lot of money on different ads but didn’t make as much money back as they thought.

Also, their ads ended up competing against each other. This made it more expensive whenever someone clicked on their ads or purchased their products.

So the question was…

  • Could the success of the marketing campaigns be accurately measured?
  • Could the processes be streamlined to gain better insights without overwhelming complexity?
  • How could campaigns competing against each other be avoided?

After a comprehensive audit of all accessible accounts to scrutinise the account dynamics and elucidate the strengths, weaknesses, and areas requiring improvement, the SAAR® team constructed a strategic plan.

Our Solution

Our strategic plan consisted of five key focus areas:

  1. Consolidating all advertising endeavours into a singular account for streamlined management.
  2. Instituting and sustaining remarketing campaigns.
  3. Prioritising meticulous tracking mechanisms to ensure precise setup and functionality.
  4. Devising new campaigns on Facebook, each housing multiple ad sets dedicated to promoting individual products independently.
  5. Enhancing current campaign performance on Google Ads, addressing issues and introducing improved shopping campaigns fortified with effective remarketing strategies.

One of the most overlooked strategies is remarketing.

Remarketing campaigns provide businesses with valuable advantages. By targeting users who have previously interacted with their websites or expressed interest in their products or services, these campaigns significantly increase the likelihood of conversions.

Regular exposure to remarketing ads reinforces brand recall, making it more probable for potential customers to choose the brand when making purchasing decisions. The ability to deliver personalised and targeted messages based on users’ past interactions enhances the ads’ relevance, capturing the audience’s attention.

Moreover, remarketing is known for its cost-effectiveness, as it directs advertising spend toward a more focused and interested audience, resulting in a higher return on investment (ROI).

For e-commerce businesses, remarketing is particularly valuable in recovering potential sales by reminding users of abandoned shopping carts and offering incentives to complete purchases. The flexibility of ad formats allows advertisers to experiment with different creatives and tailor their messaging to suit their audience.

Additionally, remarketing campaigns can adapt to user behaviour, allowing businesses to refine their strategies based on engagement metrics. The detailed analytics provided by remarketing platforms enable businesses to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and make informed, data-driven adjustments for continuous improvement.

Our strategy focused on three types of remarketing:

  1. Remarketing the entire Catalog of Products.
  2. Dynamic Remarketing, where customers are remarketed with the products they were looking at on the website.
  3. Google Brand Search and Product Remarketing (or Display Marketing).

The Results

In the first and second months, the client generated 224 sales on Facebook alone, with a total revenue value of $26,343.79 and $37,549.57 on Google.

1st and 2nd Month Meta and Google ROAS
Analytics for Month 1 and 2

Facebook Ads Strategy Breakdown

In months 1 and 2, the Facebook Ads strategy involved setting up and launching four conversion campaigns, each dedicated to a specific product type or offer. Additionally, a remarketing campaign featuring four offers or product types was implemented.

The emphasis in the Ad Copy was on highlighting the features and benefits of the products, coupled with a sense of urgency, emphasising the limited-time availability of the offers.

To enhance engagement, client testimonial videos were utilised as creatives in the Facebook Ads, providing potential customers with insights into the benefits they could experience using the showcased products.

Leveraging an existing customer match list, the campaign aimed to reconnect with previous customers, further personalising the marketing approach.

Overall, the strategy encompassed a targeted and dynamic approach to new and returning customers, leveraging various ad formats and compelling creatives to drive engagement and conversions.

Google Ads Strategy Breakdown

The Google Ads strategy involved establishing the framework for the Google Ads account, featuring one search campaign and one performance max campaign. The focus of the generic search campaign was solely on a single product.

Attention-grabbing words like “Genuine” and “Official” were incorporated into the headlines to stand out in a market where counterfeit products were being promoted.

Furthermore, ad scheduling was tested, with ads set to run exclusively from 9 am to 2 pm (prime time for this brand). To maximise outreach, the campaign utilised an existing customer match list to reconnect with previous customers and similar audiences.

This Google Ads strategy aimed to optimise visibility, combat counterfeit promotions, and effectively engage with both existing and potential customers through targeted campaigns and scheduling.

In the third and fourth months, the remarketing campaigns started to kick in, which boosted sales figures.

3rd and 4th Month Meta and Google ROAS
Analytics for Month 3 and 4

Facebook Ads Strategy Breakdown

The Facebook Ads strategy involved implementing and launching campaigns for the new double deal sale, stock take promotions, incorporating fresh graphics to mitigate ad fatigue, and presenting a diverse range of creatives. 

The ad strategy persisted in utilising compelling ad copy and visuals that emphasised the product’s benefits while maintaining a sense of urgency.

By incorporating new graphics and appealing disapproval decisions, the Facebook Ads campaign aimed to engage audiences effectively, ensuring a dynamic and visually appealing presence while adhering to platform guidelines.

Google Ad Strategy Breakdown

For these months, we successfully completed Google Ads verification, enhancing the account’s online credibility and enabling access to valuable ad extensions such as business name and logo extensions, which contribute to the effectiveness of campaigns.

To increase website traffic through Google Ads, adjustments were made to headlines and descriptions to feature ongoing offers prominently. Notably, there has been a substantial 71% increase in clicks since June and July 2023. 

Additionally, the strategy involved the utilisation of promotion extensions to highlight and promote the latest offers effectively.

By leveraging Google Ads verification and implementing targeted adjustments, the campaign aimed to establish credibility, drive increased clicks, and effectively promote new offerings to the online audience.

As the fifth and sixth months came, we reached an all-time high of 18.69x ROAS from Facebook and 19.12x ROAS from Google.

5th and 6th Month Meta and Google ROAS
Analytics for Month 5 and 6

Facebook Ads Strategy Breakdown

The Facebook Ads strategy shifted towards retargeting campaigns, specifically targeting customers who visited from Google Ads but had yet to purchase. 

The focus was on re-engaging this audience through Facebook Ads to encourage conversions. New and compelling creatives were introduced to align with the Black Friday season, spotlighting the potential savings for customers making purchases during this period. 

This strategic approach aimed to maximise the impact of retargeting efforts, emphasise product benefits, and leverage season-specific creatives to enhance engagement and conversions on the Facebook Ads platform.

Google Ad Strategy Breakdown

In preparation for Black Friday sales, adjustments were made to the existing headlines and descriptions in Google Ads, specifically highlighting the offer to attract attention to the promotions. 

Ad extensions such as site links and promotion extensions were strategically used to emphasise and draw attention to the ongoing sale. Additionally, efforts were made to appeal trademark policy violations against specific advertisers and/or ads, securing exclusivity for the account to promote the genuine products without policy limitations. 

This strategic approach within Google Ads aimed to optimise visibility during the Black Friday period, effectively communicate the promotional offer, and address policy issues to ensure exclusivity in promoting specified products.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special Sales Breakdown

Black Friday Sales Meta and Google ROAS
Analytics for Black Friday sales

This is the difference that tracking your numbers makes.

Understanding the data allows you to measure the revenue generated by your advertising campaigns over a specific timeframe. It enables you to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives in delivering substantial returns. 

This is a significant win as it empowers you to anticipate potential outcomes, aiding in informed decision-making and adopting suitable strategies for your business.

Because of the new ad campaign strategies SAAR® implemented, in just three months, our client generated…

Total amount of revenue in Ad Spend

Key Success Actions

If we were to summarise everything we learned from our experience working with our valued client and replicate our results for our future clients, here’s what we suggest for you:

  • Make Google and Facebook Ads work together by reaching out to your people (those who haven’t converted on Google Ads) via Facebook Ads. 
  • Utilising fresh graphics for every sale season, month, or whenever you have new promotions.
  • Using client testimonial videos as your creatives for Facebook Ads as it gives your potential customers an idea of what the benefit would be if they also use your product. 
  • Set up ad extensions such as promotion and site link extensions to give your potential customers more information before they click your Ad or visit your website. 
  • Use existing customer match lists to reach your previous customers and/or similar audiences.

In business, you don’t have to do everything alone.

You’ll get to a point where you need to outsource and delegate. And you need experts to help you, especially if digital marketing is not your cup of tea.

If you do it alone, you’ll most likely waste time, energy and money learning the ropes while feeling frustrated.

You can prevent all the mistakes, anxiety and overwhelm by teaming up with professionals who can do it more efficiently.

More than the money, the peace of mind and value we give to solve your problem is priceless…

So, if you want a trusted business partner to help you..

  • Increase your online revenue
  • Track your sales correctly
  • Get a positive return on Ad Spend while keeping current with the seasons..

.. just like how this cosmetics company generated $700,000 in revenue and 12.5x Return on Ad Spend in 6 months..

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Look no further than SAAR® Media if you need high-quality digital marketing services for your brand.

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