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Social Media Marketing

May 3, 2022 2023-03-16 15:12

Social Media Marketing

Get more customers by showing up on social media

More than half of the world now uses social media and their average daily time spent online is two and a half hours. Not showing up in front of these people means failing to set your business up for success. Allow your business to exceed its potential and increase its revenue by marketing it on social media.

Facebook ads management in Melbourne
Social Media Marketing... Social Media Marketing...
Social Media Marketing... Social Media Marketing...

Paid advertising hasn’t been this profitable before the direct response era.

The era where ROI can now be measured and messages become more direct and personal.

The danger of the direct response approach?

It is when you come out pushy and salesy, splurging too much urgency and call to actions all over your campaigns.

From a team that knows that paid advertising is not only about profitable campaigns…

We understand that the best social media marketing services are kind and we are all for value-driven campaigns that connect to the hearts of your audience.

We will encourage your audience to act on their dreams and they’ll act because they need it not because they are pushed to do so.

No one wants to toy with people just for profit and give away information they won’t ever need.



Popular platforms

    • Facebook and Instagram are dominating the digital world and we’ll help you use this to your advantage.

In-depth research and strategy creation

    • From targeting to ad spend, we will have a deep dive session to help you stand out from competitors with powerful visuals, and consistent messaging.


    • We target your customers based on location, demographic, interest, and behaviour. We’ll make sure the right ad lands on your target market’s feed.

Our Facebook Ads Management Service Offerings

Paid Ads Campaigns 3-month commitment required consisting of

Setup and Testing

Facebook & Instagram Ads Campaign Buildout

Start your social media growth machine by setting up a plan for success and going deeper inside your market’s mind. We will help you build a strong foundation and supercharge your campaign for success. Duration: 1 month
  • Set up  Business Manager, Facebook Ad Account, and Facebook Business Assets
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Demographics Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Pixel & Conversion Setup (as above)
  • Tracking Code Setup & Installation
  • Multiple Ad Set Split Tests
  • Campaign Quality Assurance
  • Campaign Presentation
  • Campaign Launch
  • Post Launch Checkpoints


Facebook & Instagram Ads Campaigns - Monthly Management

Consistency is key. If you want to get a flood of leads month in and month out, you must test campaigns and refine them as much as possible.We specialise in Facebook ads management in Melbourne to support you in tracking the performance of your ads every month and recommend the top practices for campaigns.

Duration: 1 month

  • Campaign Audit
  • Enhance Strategy
  • Eliminate Poor Performing Ads
  • Demographics Expansion & Cleanup
  • Ad Frequency Management
  • Performance-Based Bid Pacing
  • Performance-Based Budget Pacing
  • Performance-Based Ad Distribution
  • Ad Copy Split Testing
  • Demographics Split Testing
  • Mobile Strategy Management
  • Increasing Click-Through Rate
  • Decreasing Cost Per Click

Get a Facebook advertising agency near you that knows the importance of a thorough and strategic process.



    • This is where we set up the tools we need for the campaigns including your business manager and Facebook ad account. We will also gather and prepare all of your assets.


    • We will help you know how and what your customer thinks to align our marketing approach and achieve our ideal results.


    • We won’t go into battle without a plan. We will map out all our efforts and make sure they are supported and backed up by in-depth research and proven techniques that work.


    • This is when we do all the setups, presentation, and split testing until we finally launch your campaign.


    • At the end of each month, we will analyse your insights for measurement to get information that will conclude what we should do next to perform better.

We're Melbourne's Facebook Advertising Agency. You Can Trust

Real Stories. Real Results.

Want to see how our best social media marketing services can change how you implement campaigns for your business?

Creating converting paid ad campaigns, not to mention managing them alone, can’t be done overnight. It takes loads of experimentation and experience to pull them off. We are a Facebook advertising agency in Melbourne that’s in it to demonstrate care, honesty, and trust in helping you exceed your potential and scale your business.

While we are concerned about helping you craft the best strategy possible in minimising your ad expense while maximising your conversions, our primary intention is to help you become one of the most trusted businesses offering quality services by connecting to the hearts of your audience.

We know it’s a difficult journey to remove all the unethical and salesy campaigns out there, but together, we’ll confidently continue helping businesses bring out the best in them in the most ethical way possible.

It's time to harness that power and bring the best out of your business.

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