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Search Engine Optimisation

May 4, 2022 2023-11-01 20:04

Search Engine Optimisation

Rank #1 on Google and become the top-of-mind pick of your audience

Is your business depending solely on paid ads to get leads? If yes, you need to think twice because the average cost per click on Google and Facebook ads has been increasing and there’s no other way but up! Good thing Google has an organic way to be visible to your prospects as they search for what they need.
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Search Engine Optimisation Social Media Search Engine OptimisationMarketing...
Search Engine Optimisation Social Media Search Engine OptimisationMarketing...
Imagine someone searching for a clinic near them. Do you think they’ll bother looking on the second or third page for options? No, they’ll only look at the top 5 listings on the first page of the search results. And if they haven’t found what they were looking for, they’ll just change up the words on the search bar. Plus, it is even more frustrating for users to go through the top 5 listings without getting the information they need. Just imagine how many opportunities you are losing per year just because your content is not search engine optimised. No matter how useful your services are and how valuable your content is, if they can’t be seen right away by your audience, it doesn’t make an impact at all. And no matter how high your rank is, if your content isn’t useful to your target audience, it won’t serve any purpose at all. What you need are SEO services that will put you not only at the front of search rankings but also at the top of your audience’s mind as an industry expert.

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In-depth research

    • Simply optimising websites without research is dangerous. We will do a background check on your market and their needs to ensure laser-target content to solve their pressing needs.

Full-service optimisation

    • Too hard to do it yourself? Allow our team to audit, fix broken links and optimise your website so you can save time and money on your website.

Progress and ranking report

    • Among millions of websites, you will see how your website is competing against other businesses. 

Service Offerings

SEO Campaign Setup // 3-months commitment required. Consisting of:
  • Listings Manager Setup
  • Google Business Listing Optimisation (once access is provided to SAAR®)
  • Listing Manager Quality Assurance
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Website Audit
  • Broken Link Audit
  • 301 Page Redirects
  • XML Sitemap Setup
  • Link Social Media Accounts to Website
  • NAP Optimisation
  • Robots.txt Setup & Optimisation
  • XML Sitemap Submission
  • Fetch & Render in Google Search Console
SEO Campaign Management 3-month commitment required 





Plan is ideal for

1-10 page website

11-20 page website

21-30 page website

31-40 page website

Targeted Keywords





500 Word Article (monthly)





Account Review

Website Audit & Fixes

Toxic Backlink Audit & Disavow

Ongoing On-Page Website Optimisation

Optimise Title Tags

Optimise Meta Descriptions

Optimise Image Alt Tags

Internal Linking

Outbound Linking

Compress Image Sizes

Search Console Check

Broken Link Audit

301 Page Redirects

Sitemap Check

Fetch & Render in Google Search Console

Monthly Progress Report

Monthly Ranking Report


  • Research: We will cover all the research needed to target the right audience such as competitor analysis and keyword searching
  • Set up and Strategise: This is where we will help you handle content, build links to your website and manage technical implementation strategies
  • Manage: We will implement all our optimisation decisions
  • Assess: We will check the summarised effects of our strategies to know what to improve on or continue doing in the future

We're The Best SEO Agency In Melbourne That You Can Trust...

Real Stories. Real Results.

Want to see how SEO can fill your pipeline with guaranteed ready-to-buy leads?

Maintaining the quality of your content while making sure you are ranking in search engines is a job most businesses find difficult and tedious but we find it fun and rewarding. We are the best SEO agency in Melbourne that’s in it to demonstrate care, honesty, and trust in helping you exceed your potential and scale your business. 

While we are concerned about helping you gain more traffic and conversions, our primary intention is to help you become one of the most trusted and valuable businesses offering quality content and services that deserve the top spots in rankings.

We know it’s a difficult journey to make the world a better place, but together, we’ll confidently continue offering quality content that’s authentic and useful.

It's time to harness that power and bring the best out of your business.

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