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8-Step Gap Analysis: Digital Marketing

January 4, 2023 2023-10-28 14:32
8-Step Gap Analysis: Digital Marketing

8-Step Gap Analysis: Digital Marketing

<strong>8-Step Gap Analysis: Digital Marketing</strong>

Digital marketing is essential to all business sizes and types. So, whether you are a B2B or B2C business dealer, using this quick gap analysis tool is recommended before setting up or revamping your digital marketing strategies. 

Digital marketing gap analysis is a powerful tool that helps you accurately identify your current performance compared to your set standards. Determining the loopholes and gaps will enable you to compare your performance reports against your desired goals and outcomes. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you do your digital marketing gap analysis of your business:

Step 1: Does Your Product Require a Long Sales Cycle and Conversation with the Representative?

If yes, it is recommended to support your prospects with a robust content marketing strategy by incorporating an editorial calendar set with the assistance of a well-experienced digital marketing expert. 

Step 2: Does Your Product Offer Free Trial, Online Demo, or Quality Images?

If yes, ensure your digital marketing strategies include effective promotional and audience-engaging content. Alternatively, consider taking the assistance of a reputed digital marketing expert to help you develop robust strategies to lure potential customers and convert your web forms.

Step 3: Can Your Buyers Directly Purchase Your Products or Services Online Without Talking to a Sales Executive?

Ensure that your e-comm strategy integrates with your order management system and CRM. 

Step 4: Are Your Potential Customers Proactively in need of Your Products and Services?

To know whether your products and service offerings have a significant demand in the market, consider surveying your potential customers to understand how they interact with your business campaigns. To conduct an effective online survey, take help from a professional digital marketing specialist.

Step 5: Are Your Targeted Customers Likely to Click on Sponsored Ads?

If yes, consider investing in a 30-day pilot campaign based on competitive research and keywords to further identify the strength of your campaign and develop broader marketing plans. Alternatively, you can hire a well-experienced digital marketing agency to help you set your campaign goals and ensure effective lead generation.

Step 6: Are Your Target Buyers Looking for Local Providers?

Regardless of your answer, consider leveraging the perks of Google My Business to support your local SEO. This will enable you to appear on top in your potential customers’ search results and on maps to help them easily navigate to your physical location. This will also allow you to generate verified reviews and raise the credibility of your business.

Step 7: Do Your Buyers Have Competitive Alternatives to Your Service Offerings?

With a market so vast, it is technically challenging to be the only seller or service provider in the market selling a different product. If your buyers have other competitive alternatives to your product and services, consider taking the assistance of a professional digital marketing expert. They will help you develop a unique value proposition and call-to-action strategies to steer your customers’ interest in your business. 

Step 8: How Do You Perceive Your Brand Recognition?

On a series of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), if you feel your brand recognition is under 5, consider hiring a top-performing digital marketing agency to help you establish personalised solutions for your business website. 

However, if your website is gaining good brand recognition, then it is recommended to keep your high-value content persistent. And consult with experts to determine new footprints and growth strategies to leverage the full potential of the existing opportunities.

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