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Maximising Facebook Ads Success

March 28, 2020 2023-10-24 21:47

Maximising Facebook Ads Success

Maximising Facebook Ads Success

Facebook is one of the web’s most popular social media platforms. The website’s genesis is rooted deep into its early days of networking platform for students.

However, things took off very rapidly for the start-up. Facebook quickly rose to prominence beyond that community.

Today, we recognize Facebook as one of the most iconic and influential social media platforms on the web. In addition to being a fantastic marketing tool, this platform provides a wide range of tools and analytics for people looking to advertise on social media.

Target your ideal customer.

One of the most important and beneficial aspects of advertising on Facebook is definitely the fact that the website enables you to target people according to your specific criteria. This is a fantastic way to reach out to your target crowd based on a wide range of factors, including their geographical location, as well as other factors such as their interests.

Targeting the best people isn’t just a way to make sure you get better results. It is also a way for you to set the bar higher, and save some money by making sure that your Facebook ad reaches where it matters the most.

If you spend money on an ad, you probably want to make sure that you can maximise your ROI (Return on Investment.) Targeting an audience that could potentially be interested in what you offer can be a fantastic way to maximize your leads, sales, or interactions with the audience. In much the same way, Facebook ads can be used for retargeting, meaning interacting with your previous customers and keep them engaged with new promotions and additional content after their first interaction with your brand.

In short, retargeting through Facebook ads will help you follow through with your customers after they made a purchase of one of your products or services.

The importance of testing.

Tweaking Facebook ad parameters on the fly is actually relatively easy and painless. For this reason, Facebook ads can be an amazing tool for testing out your strategies. See what works, gather some insights and refine your content to where it performs as best as possible, and make changes as needed.

Creating custom ads for your specific goal.

On Facebook, advertisers can tailor each ad to their specific objective. It is incredibly easy to manage your ad and device the best course of action, depending on what you are looking to accomplish in the specific.

With such a useful feature, it is quite easy to get the results you desired based on specific tasks. Facebook ads represent a more direct connection with the customers, and this is priceless.

Add value to your content.

Using Facebook ads can be an excellent way to add more value to your content and even expand its reach. Boosting posts as well as using actual content as opposed to mere sales copy can help you create a more meaningful experience for your audience.

Whether you are working with an agency or manage Facebook ads on your own, it is always a good idea to be aware of how everything falls into place.

Your content matters just as much as your targeting and retargeting strategies as a way to maximise the effectiveness of your ads.

Your job isn’t done once you get the sale.

Having a great customer service strategy is extremely important for negative, and positive feedback from your customers on social. Sensis reported that “almost two thirds of consumers (64%) will be more likely to trust a brand if they interact with consumers in a positive way on social media.” Sensis Pty Ltd 2017, The must-know stats from the 2018 Yellow Social Media Report (Read more here)

Also, ensure that you can follow through on your promise throughout the entire customer experience, from their first click, your landing page usability, to receiving their goods or services on time, and as described. Facebook is keeping a closer eye on this, and will affect your Facebook Ads if your business / brand is flagged, or users are posting negative reviews.

Finally, here are some more interesting statistics on Facebook from Sensis:

Advertising on social media

        • Advertising on social media has become more popular among small (up from 20% to 26%) and medium (up from 27% to 35%) size businesses this year, although large businesses still lead the way (42%).

        • For those businesses that advertise on social Facebook remains easily the most preferred channel (90% small, 62% medium, 100% large). LinkedIn (20%) and Twitter (24%) are also common among large businesses, while the same is true for Instagram (23%) among medium-size businesses.

Social media strategy

        • An increasing number of businesses have a social media strategy. Large businesses lead the way, with 90% now having a strategy (up from 76%).

        • SMBs lag behind but there has been an improvement this year, up from 31% to 40% among small businesses and from 36% to 43% for medium businesses

Platforms businesses are using

        • Of those businesses with a social presence, Facebook is the most popular, used by around 9 in 10 of every size business.

        • LinkedIn is the second most popular platform, used by a majority of large businesses (82%), 41% of medium size businesses and 35% of small businesses.

        • Twitter increases in popularity with business size, from 24% of small businesses to 36% of medium size businesses and 55% of large businesses.

        • Instagram is more prevalent in medium (39%) than small (19%) or large (20%) businesses.” Sensis Pty Ltd 2017, The must-know stats from the 2018 Yellow Social Media Report (Read more here)

Your turn now… So there you have it! You now know more about how Facebook Advertising works and the success so many businesses are having out there… Therefore, what have you got to lose? Let’s try it! If you’re not one of the other *93% of businesses that are using Facebook Ads to reach their target audience, then it’s time to act fast! Trust us with your brand! Contact us now for a FREE consultation and how SAAR Media can help you with your social media advertising needs.
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