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How SAAR® Media Helped a High-Performance Coach Become a Best-Selling Author on Amazon Using Press Release Media

September 1, 2023 2023-10-25 17:30

How SAAR® Media Helped a High-Performance Coach Become a Best-Selling Author on Amazon Using Press Release Media

How SAAR® Media Helped a High-Performance Coach Become a Best-Selling Author on Amazon Using Press Release Media

A case study by SAAR® Media

The Problem

One of the main reasons coaches find it hard to sell their products and services online is that they’re nowhere to be found.

Search for their name, and nothing will come up. 

No website.

No product or service pages.

No recent engagements.

And even as they connect with people and present their offers, whether on social media or in real life, their potential buyers have a lot of objections because they find it hard to trust them.

Being in a highly comparative space such as the coaching industry makes it hard to sell products and services, especially high-ticket ones. 

In this day and age, anyone can call themself a coach. 

Anyone can put up a website. 

Anyone can find an offer. 

But the truth is this: Even if you’re the most experienced coach in your industry, you won’t be able to sell your products to the people who need them the most without gaining their attention.

So the deeper question here is how can you gain the attention of your target audience?

How do you position yourself differently from other people in your industry?

Our recommended path is to engage with Press Release Media.

Most people don’t go down this path because they get intimidated and think working with PR agencies is a long and tedious process.

The common question in their minds that never gets answered is, “How is it possible to get ROI with PR Media?”

The direct benefits of PR Media to sales and business growth are rarely talked about. But today, we’re going to change that.

You’ll discover how it’s possible to skyrocket your sales and accelerate your business growth by building a trustworthy brand, gaining exposure and establishing a solid online presence using PR Media.

This is how we helped a High-Performance Coach become a best-selling author on Amazon using the help of PR Media.

About the client

Byron Morrison is a high-performance coach who has been working on his book for the last 2 years. He had the whole vision of working with the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, working relentlessly towards that goal.

But 60 days before his launch, his publisher told him that New York Times wouldn’t even consider working with them if they had no PR in place.

“To be honest, it was a bit of a panic mode. Like, I can’t kind of put into words how stressed I was at that point because basically everything, the vision and why I wanted to achieve was dangling and if we don’t get this right, it wasn’t gonna happen.”

Byron initially had no choice but to do things on his own while finding people to help him. He was trying to reach out to editors and get them to take his story.

“I spent two weeks just going through, I worked with my assistant. We were looking at all of the big publications, pitching, article ideas, trying to just get our foot in the door there, zero response.”

From a time and finance standpoint, Byron got exhausted going through PR agencies offering high fees with no guarantee that big publishers would want to work with him. 

“A lot of the time, people just make big promises, and they talk a big game. Like, you know what it’s like in business. They like to promise you the world. And then they’re like, we can get all this done. And then you sign on, and then you’re just like another number in a kind of client thing. They don’t really go all out.”

The weight on his shoulders was so heavy he felt he would never make it. Byron knew he needed to ask for help.

“It wasn’t like I had all the time in the world where I could just keep trying and pitching articles and hope they pick it up. It was literally if we don’t have it by this timeframe, it’s not gonna happen.“

The Strategy

With SAAR® Media’s diverse networks and collaborators from the US, Byron was able to work with writers and PR experts who respectively wrote articles and distributed them to multiple popular media outlets such as:

    • New York Post
    • Deadline News UK
    • LA Weekly
    • Entertainment Weekly
    • International Business Times
    • The Daily Scanner

“I basically spoke to the team, dealt with it, and then it all just went live. And I was just like, yeah, I, I genuinely cannot recommend it enough. Like your team and your writers and everyone else I’ve dealt with have been absolutely fantastic. It’s just taken such a weight off my shoulders of so much that I wasn’t gonna get it right if I just carried on trying what I was doing.”

Months after the launch of Byron’s book, it was featured in the middle of Time Square, NYC, New York and became #1 in the Top 100 Paid in the Motivational Self-Help category on Amazon.

The Difference PR Makes in Your Sales and Credibility

In today’s fast-paced digital era, the equation is clear: those who command attention reap the rewards. 

As a coach in a highly competitive space, your edge lies on your strategy on how to build your visibility and credibility so you can gain instant trust, build a wider network and sell your offers like hotcakes, may it be a new book, course or high-ticket mastermind program.

Press Release Media can help you reach a vast audience where your ideal client is hanging out. 

Whether it’s on social media, major news sites, television or podcasts, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your mission, expertise, and experience, which in turn will amplify your influence and help you establish instant trust with your audience.

“It’s something that I do wish that I’d done sooner. I think looking back over the period of my kind of career, if I’d known what I know now, it’s something that I would’ve done several years ago.”

So, if you’re a coach, consultant, industry leader or author who wants a trusted business partner to help you…

  • Establish a strong online presence 
  • Build a trustworthy brand
  • Skyrocket your sales
  • Accelerate your business growth 

Like how Byron got featured in the middle of Time Square, NYC, and New York and became #1 in the Top 100 Paid in the Motivational Self-Help category on Amazon…

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