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How SAAR® Media Helped an eCommerce Fitness Brand Generate $506,789.03 in Revenue and 17.87x Return on Ad Spend in Just 3 Months

March 8, 2023 2023-10-28 14:42

How SAAR® Media Helped an eCommerce Fitness Brand Generate $506,789.03 in Revenue and 17.87x Return on Ad Spend in Just 3 Months

How SAAR® Media Helped an eCommerce Fitness Brand Generate $506,789.03 in Revenue and 17.87x Return on Ad Spend in Just 3 Months

A case study by SAAR® Media

The Problem

Most business owners who have quality products and run paid ads often miss two things:

1) Not tracking their ad performance
2) Not optimising their ad campaigns

Since their products are already selling, the old way of running ads and getting sales generally stays the same…

Even if it’s tedious on their part to do so.

Even if they know there are leaks on their ad campaigns that need fixing.

Even if they think that there’s something better they can do to increase conversions and make processes more efficient.

Optimising their ad campaigns gets neglected since other more important aspects of their business also need fixing.

But soon enough, they realised how big those mistakes were when they hit the ceiling.

Or how much money they wasted down the drain advertising by not addressing the above two issues.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case for you moving forward.

You can increase your online revenue.

You can track your sales correctly.

You can get a positive return on ad spend while keeping current with the seasons.

This case study shows how an eCommerce Fitness Brand generated $506,789.03 in sales and 17.87x ROAS in just three months of working with SAAR®.

About the client

SAAR®’s client is a fitness eCommerce business owner with three brands. Treadmills, cycles and ellipticals are the main products.

Before working with SAAR®, they had already been running three different ad accounts with different budgets, bringing in different results. 

“Is our marketing working?”

By simply looking at the insights, our client had little know-how when running their ads.

They didn’t know what was working, what wasn’t and where they could get more sales.

With so many accounts running, it was hard to pull data on a month-to-month basis to see if the marketing was performing effectively. 

This led to using huge budgets across various campaigns and brands but with lower-than-expected revenue returns. 

Not only that, but this also caused issues where campaigns were competing against each other, pushing the CPC and CPA up as there was much crossover between accounts using the exact keywords and promotions. 

Their marketing strategy looked like this:

Although it looks relatively simple and easy to understand, it hurt the quality of their results, with many different platforms and campaigns overlapping when ultimately, the revenue was coming back to one company.

Their funnels were getting results, yet there was significant room for improvement which they could implement to get more qualified buyers.

Another observed challenge was that they lacked a strategy to recover lost sales.

That’s why they saw the urgent need to get an audit completed by SAAR® to improve their accounts.

After conducting an in-depth audit and understanding the business’s current standing, SAAR® Media implemented a bespoke strategy.

  1. SAAR® Media brought all brands to a single ad account.
  2. Remarketing campaigns were created and maintained to put a process in place to recover lost sales.
  3. SAAR® Media focused on tracking and ensuring everything was set up correctly. The team gathered important data and created a report to help them make necessary adjustments for the following months.
  4. For Facebook, the team created new campaigns requiring multiple ad sets within to promote each brand independently.
  5. For Google, the team fixed the current performance max campaigns. Shopping campaigns were also created, which are all backed up with remarketing. 
After applying the new strategy, their marketing strategy now looked like this:

In the first month, the client generated 50 sales on Facebook alone at a total revenue value of $51,373.05, and $70,503.78 on Google.

The data above compares the campaign performance in October 2021, a year before client started working with SAAR® versus the campaign performance in October 2022, just a month after SAAR® optimised the campaigns. 

October 2022 was the first month we worked on their campaigns. As always, the first month of any campaign is a learning curve for the system and SAAR® Media. The campaigns have to be monitored closely and tracked correctly before optimisations can be done. Overall, the results were good. 

The second month was about optimisation and improvements

This month, we were able to grab the opportunities brought by Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The remarketing campaigns also started to kick in, which boosted sales figures. 

As the third month came, we continued to optimise campaigns and capitalise on Christmas sales and offers.

This is the difference that tracking your numbers makes.

If you understand the data, you can quantify your ad campaigns’ revenue in a certain period. And know if your marketing efforts are effectively bringing you high returns. 

This is a significant win for you since you’ll foresee the possible outcomes that will help you make the right decisions and adapt the right strategies for your business.

Because of the new ad campaign strategies SAAR® implemented, in just three months, our client generated…

In business, you don’t have to do everything alone.

You’ll get to a point where you need to outsource and delegate. And you need experts to help you, especially if digital marketing is not your cup of tea.

If you do it alone, you’ll waste time, energy and money learning the ropes while feeling frustrated.

You can prevent all the mistakes, anxiety and overwhelm by teaming up with professionals who can do it more efficiently.

More than the money, the peace of mind and value we give to solve your problem is priceless…

So, if you want a trusted business partner to help you…

  • Increase your online revenue.
  • Track your sales correctly.
  • Get a positive return on ad spend while keeping current with the seasons.

Just like how this Fitness eCommerce Business Owner generated $506,789.03 in Revenue and 17.87x Return on Ad Spend in Just 3 Months… 

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Look no further than SAAR® Media if you need high-quality digital marketing services for your brand. 

We aim to help small and medium-sized organisations generate more leads and clients via our online campaigns and other digital marketing services.

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